5 Steps To Planning Your Year-End Goals

June 9, 2016

The seasons are changing, once again. Those of us in the northern hemisphere are welcoming the hotter months of summer, while those in the south are bracing for the cool weather that winter brings. Wherever you’re located, one thing is for sure – you’re most likely in awe that we’ve already hit the halfway mark of the year.

You’ve probably been in full reflection mode of what you’ve accomplished this year thus far. But you’re also looking at those goals that you didn’t reach yet. And, yes, I know which list has been most on your mind – the “what hasn’t been achieved yet” list. 

I’m guilty of this myself. I’ve been a bit down for the last few weeks of those goals I haven’t yet accomplished this year. But, truth be told, I have kicked some booty in the goal department. Earlier in the year, my goal was to connect, “get out there” more, and whad’ya know? I certainly did that in the last few months. Among them, writing a guest blog post for one of my favorite brands (Yellow Co), being featured in an international online magazine (Working Mums Collective), and being interviewed on a podcast (The Grit and Glitter Co).

So this month, I’m deciding to stop letting my “haven’t achieved” list get the better of me and, instead, start planning and intention setting for the remainder of the year, and I invite you to do the same.

Here are some steps you can take to get moving forward with those year-end goals:

Congratulate yourself. First things first, take a look at what you’ve accomplished already. Then, seriously pat yourself on the back. Remember the lessons you’ve learned, the risks you took, and how far you’ve come. I guarantee you’ll find many reasons to be proud of yourself. So, go ahead. Celebrate.

Picture this. Six months from now, you’ll be in full holiday celebration mode. Think about what it is you want to have achieved the most at this time. Paint the picture of how you are expecting to feel about your life as your reflect back at 2016. Envision it. Feel into it. Embrace it.

Choose your adventure. Decide which goals you want to achieve the most in a reasonable amount of time. Remember, shoot for goals that are attainable in the next 6 months. Maybe choose 1-2 bigs ones one or maybe several small ones. The key here is to choose goals that will leave you feeling how you want to feel at the end of the year.

Plan it out. With your goals in mind, now plan it out. Stick post it’s on your wall or use colored pens in your planner. Make the planning fun and exciting. It’ll keep you energized and motivated every step of the way.

Celebrate. For good measure, start a list of ways you can celebrate the steps you take to achieving the goals along the way. So often we forget that we need to celebrate the stepping stones, whether big or small. If you write a list of some ways you want to celebrate – and add to it when you have new ideas – you’ll always have something in mind you could do for yourself that will remind you of what an amazing job you’re doing.

Need clarity and direction in creating kick ass goals that get you from feeling status quo to abso-freakin-lutely in love with your life and business? I’ve taken clients through The Desire Map process, and it’s helped them identify where they want to take their passions. See how I can support you on your journey here.

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