7 Ways To Keep Working On Your Business During A Break

July 12, 2016

I had been in the middle of a huge move for the last few months, and was feeling like I had put so many business parts on hold. I hadn’t written a blog post in weeks, felt like I was drifting from my social media groups, hadn’t sat down to lay out the foundation for my next big vision, and didn’t think I was networking much. I was feeling guilty for putting my business on the back burner and being too tired at the end of the day to think about anything business-related.

I tried to do it all and when I couldn’t, I continually thought about how much I “needed” to get done. I finally reached a breaking point. I woke up with a migraine that didn’t go away for days until I admitted to myself that I couldn’t – and shouldn’t – do it all. Funny how our bodies will always be true to us and remind us to take care of ourselves. It was then I decided I was going to stop being so hard on myself, and focus on one thing: my move.

Admittedly, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that my business was going to forget about me or that, somehow, all my good ideas will have vanished. Even though I knew I was allowed to take a break because…well, life…I wasn’t sure I was going to know where to begin or that my business would end up closing her doors while I was away. But, here I am, on the other side and settling in nicely in my new home, and I am ready to begin again.

And, guess what. My business has been waiting patiently and welcomed me with open arms. So, babe, know that when life requires your attention, your business won’t be offended. She’d gladly take a backseat until you’re ready to rock ‘n roll again.

But while your focus may be averted for a little bit, here are 7 ways to keep working on your business while taking care of other parts of your life.

Communicate with your tribe. You may have to put your business on hold for a little bit. That’s okay. But let your tribe know. Send them an email and keep them updated on what’s going on in your life. You don’t have to divulge every detail, but they’re your people and want to feel connected with you. The best thing you can do is remind them of how important they are, not only in your business, but in your life.

Post on social media. This one is tricky because social media can become really cumbersome when you have other things to worry about. But even posting a couple times a week on your social media outlet of choice will keep the connection with your followers fresh. These people may not even be part of your email list, so make sure they’re feeling the love, as well.

Check in with other entrepreneurs. Schedule some time to hang out with another entrepreneur, not for the sake of having a business meeting, but a casual catch up sesh. Naturally, the conversation will turn to how your businesses are going. When you aren’t spending as much time on your business as usual, it’s nice to chat with others that are in the same world as you. You’ll end up talking about – amongst other things – strategies, challenges, plans, dreams, and visions. This is a great way to keep your business on the forefront of your mind while handling other priorities for the time being.

Take notes. Inspiration and ideas often come when it’s least expected – when you’re relaxing, driving, doing laundry, in conversation with others, or any other time when you’re not necessarily thinking about your business. Remember to jot these ideas down because, as quick as they come to you, they’ll just as quickly disappear. You can always come back to them when you’re ready.

Remain inspired. Find ways to be continually inspired. You can find inspiration in new books, connecting with friends, experiences with family, communing with nature, and even perhaps, watching certain movies. Try to remain uplifted by keeping yourself plugged into that which nurtures you. You may even be inspired by others and their work, perhaps those in your area of expertise or whose zone of genius is one that you are curious about. Follow them and soak in the positive light that they shine. However, that said, the following tip is equally important…

Clean house. Notice who you admire, follow, and are drawing inspiration from and take heed because sometimes it can cause comparisonitis to take hold. Realize why you are inspired by them and figure out where the admiration is coming from – a place of true respect or an eager longing to be “just like them?” Perhaps you’ll even notice that those you’ve been following don’t truly inspire you, but rather that they make you feel less adequate or less worthy of your own work because they are “doing everything perfectly, and I’m doing it all wrong!” When you’re already worried about your business falling behind because you have other priorities at the time, comparisonitis will come into play big time. So use this time to rid your space of that which makes you feel less than.

Give yourself grace. On that days that you didn’t do a single business-related action, take a step back and know that you are doing the best you can. The number one best thing you can do for your business is to take care of yourself. To realize that, while your business can only be run by you, you need your cup filled. Nothing good comes from trying to run your business on an empty emotional, spiritual, and physical tank. So give yourself grace. You owe it to your business to come back to it with a full heart.

Finding it difficult to remain focused and motivated in your business during the hard times? I want nothing more than to help you remain anchored into your heart so that you may continue to build the life you desire and the business you are passionate about. That’s why I became a Desire Map facilitator. Because, at the end of the day, your core desired feelings is the map and compass to your soul. And I want to hold that space for you to hear your soul’s yearnings, even when life gets too noisy or too busy.

Interested in working together, see how I can support you here.









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