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Life Coach on a mission:

To support positive change in the world by guiding conscious women to activate their divine purpose through their strengths, passions, and talents. I believe women who are aligned with inner fulfillment, rather than seeking outer attainment, are the leaders of our time.


I believe that if we are unafraid to heal, then we will be empowered to live.

I believe that more and more conscious women are remembering their divinely guided purpose.

I believe that another way of living and leading is being ushered in through women aligned with their souls.

Most of all, I believe that we are all in this world at this exact time for a reason.

As for you…

You know you’re ready to make a difference and live a life that fills your heart while leaving no room for regret.

You’ve been in, what feels like, an endless space of transition. Left stuck feeling unsure, scared, and confused about a desire to walk on a path unknown that keeps calling you.

You’re in a moment in time when the life you’ve been living leaves you feeling more in constriction than expansion.

Well, I’m thrilled you’ve stumbled my way ‘cuz I also believe there are no coincidences. We are guided to those we need most at any point in our journey.

I know what it’s like to live with that yearning to show up for something bigger than me.

And, yes, when I finally decided to listen to my heart’s desires for freedom and expansion, I felt paralyzed by immense fear of failure and judgment – all stemming from deep seated wounds that I’d learned to suppress.

But, deep down, I knew I couldn’t continue living a life that didn’t feel aligned to what I believed in, what I valued, and what spoke to my heart the most.

So I started the journey of self-discovery to figure out what my soul yearned to express.

I stopped making excuses and started unleashing my creativity and exploring my passions.

I became part of a blogging community, comprised of thousands of members from around the world.

I received coaching from an award-winning international business coach, who helped me believe in myself and supported my entrepreneurial dreams.

I worked with a Forbes-nominated international leadership expert, one that held space for me to start healing the wounds I had side stepped for years, so I could find my way to owning my spotlight.

I started to uncover deep-seated stories I held onto about my worth and the way I functioned in the world.

I studied and immersed myself in all things personal development, spirituality, feminine leadership, and money mindset.

I started to truly feel again – the good, the bad, all of it – and was slowly brought back to my essence.

The result?
  • I began clearly hearing the callings of my soul and out of it, emerged a deep knowing that I was already on my path. That I didn’t need to find it. I only needed to embrace it.
  • I came to a place of honoring my truth, which has, since childhood, been with me all along – to be a confidant and mentor, supporter of dreams and advocate of passion; to help others remember their brillance within.
  • I continue to follow the breadcrumbs of desire that has led me to connect with the most heart-centered, passion-driven people from around the world.
  • I’ve held space for dozens of clients through one-on-one mentoring, in-person workshops, and virtual sistermind circles.
  • I’ve created a growing online community of women visionaries, ready to align to their own truths and live their legacies.

My ultimate goal is to see you to fully align to your truth – to feel empowered, fearless, and confident about who you are inside.

I know what you’re thinking? Is it really possible to navigate and thrive in this world in a truly authentic way?
My answer, without hesitation, is HELL YES, BABE!

Nothing is without hard work – and by that, I mean soul-digging, heart-shaking work – but what you’ll find on the other side is ease, flow, and peace. And, who doesn’t need more of that in their lives?

Ready to reconnect, explore, and play with your inner divinity?

I would absolutely love to support you.

Shoot me an email or learn more about how I can support you.

A handful of fun facts…
kaye_namba half
  • I hold a Psychology degree, a masters in Public Administration, and have a multidimensional background in communications, management, mentorship, and workshop facilitating.
  • My little family consists of an amazing supportive husband and spirited little boy, who keeps life entertaining. They are my anchors and the catalyst to always striving to being the best version of myself.
  • Along with my love for all fresh, organic farmer’s market produce, I do love a good chocolate stout now and then. And, let’s make it be known, I’m a little bit of a beer snob.
  • I’ve seen a ton of famous people in person, but the people that I feel the most starstruck around are the “normal” individuals spreading love and inspiration like it’s their job. Well, in most cases, they’ve turned it into their job, and it blows my mind how giving of themselves they truly are!
  • I love being around people, but I thoroughly enjoy me-time, which usually involves some form of self care or a quiet space to write.

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