Why Little Golden Penguin?

I know what you’re wondering. “What exactly is a little golden penguin?”

My answer to you is, “It’s that little part of you that makes you, YOU, my friend.”

Among all the meanings that penguins have come to symbolize through generations, one that resonates with me the most is that penguins symbolize a break from the norm. They are one of the few flightless birds. However, if you’ve ever watched one of these birds swimming, they actually flap their wings like any other bird does while flying in the air.

They have found a way to redefine what it means to fly on their own terms.

They have proven that something can be done differently, but equally exquisitely.

Let’s face it, it’s an amazingly beautiful adaptation of an already wondrous feat.

I believe that you, too, have a uniqueness that only applies to you. I know that sometimes societal norms will hold you back from unleashing your true self, many times forcing you to hide the very aspects of yourself that make you different from everyone else. But the penguin in you seeks to live life on your own terms. You want to find ways to connect with yourself and with those whose vibes you jive with. You want to find purpose in your actions, your choices, and, ultimately, your life.

It’s time to acknowledge what makes you unique, to find out what fills your heart, and to honor that Little Golden Penguin in you.

…and I’m here to help you do that because my sincere intention is to simply inspire you to feel confident enough to step out of the shadows and, not only shine, but to shine in your true royal golden light.

So let’s get to know each other.

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