Help Provide Uniforms to Children in Need with CampLight Apparel

CampLight Apparel launched early this year and is quickly becoming a favorite amongst small business shoppers. Seriously, though, who doesn’t love shirts with designs that remind us to revel in all of life’s little joys? Tiffany and Jacob are the husband/wife duo that started this brand, and they’ve got big plans for their clothing line. Each purchase helps provide school uniforms to those students in need. They also have one shirt that was specifically designed to help a family, who is  adopting a child from Uganda. I’m loving this brand and what they stand for. Check out Tiffany’s Q&A with me below.

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Tell me a little about the woman behind CampLight Apparel.

I live in Nashville, TN with my amazing husband and two awesome kids. I love family, exploring, Christmas and helping others in need.

How was using CampLight Apparel to help provide school uniforms to children in need placed on your heart?

Wanting to make a difference and caring for people in need has meant a lot to me and my husband for a while now. We both love missions and have been on several trips. Once, I traveled to Haiti, and while I was there, I saw the need for school uniforms and how difficult it can be for families to afford them.

Are there specific organizations you’ve partnered with?

So far we’ve donated to Got Your Back Movement, who work to help provide school uniforms to children. Also, our most recent design, “They Call Me Brave,” was designed specifically to help a family who is adopting from Uganda. Their process has taken a very long time, and they’ve had to spend a good portion of that time in Uganda, making it very expensive for them. 50% of proceeds from that shirt are helping them with living expenses while they’re finalizing their adoption. It’s been especially exciting for us to lend a hand as they work to do something so amazing.

I know CampLight Apparel just opened in April 2015. Is there anything coming up in the next 6 months that your quickly growing fans/customers can look forward to?

We’re planning on releasing some new designs for fall and are looking into long-sleeve options for those, which we’re really excited about. We’ve also loved using the “They Call Me Brave” tees to help a specific cause and are hoping to release another shirt like this within the next year.

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Your designs are so fun! How do you come up with your designs?

Thank you! My husband and I both sign off on all of our designs; if only one of us is happy with it, the shirt doesn’t get printed. We each come up with ideas and try to focus on the ones we think are the strongest, and then we sit down and start designing. We usually work really closely throughout the design process, suggesting revisions and new ideas as we go until we’re both fully satisfied.

We want our designs to encapsulate the simplicity and joy of childhood, partially to encourage those beautiful aspects of being a child, and partially because it reminds adults—including us!—to slow down, appreciate what we have and enjoy our lives.

Live simply, be joyful, and think about others.

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What is your advice for those with a burning desire to help bring awareness of an issue close to their hearts?

Take a step! It can be easy to sit on the sidelines and feel unqualified, fearing to take a step until you have a perfect opportunity, but I firmly believe in just doing something to get started. It may be that later you adjust your method or fine-tune your passion, but you’ll gain momentum and experience you wouldn’t otherwise have by moving forward now. Contact someone who is doing something you believe in and find out how you can help, or if you have your own idea you want to explore, start taking steps to make that happen.

I am truly grateful to be able to connect with CampLight Apparel at its beginning stages. One of my absolute favorite things is watching those who are dedicated to help others grow and thrive. The light this husband/wife duo have decided to shine is a much needed one. As Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Every child deserves to be given a chance to learn about the world they live in, to explore their talents, and gain the tools they need to pursue their passions.

Tiffany, you are an amazingly bright spirit. I am excited to see where CampLight Apparel goes from here. This is only the beginning, and all signs show that the journey ahead will be a great one.

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