Utilizing a two pronged approach – combining Psychology and heart centered coaching principles – I lovingly guide women to embrace their truth with grace and empower them to live their conscious-driven purpose with confidence. Only when women are aligned with their soul can they move through life in a more authentic way.

There’s more to life than what you’ve been fed to believe, and I know you’re ready to journey past it to find more meaning in life, to expand your every day joy, and to experience life at a higher vibration – not by adopting every single spiritual approach you can get your hands on, but by coming home to yourself.

Coming into alignment with what makes your heart beat a little faster,
what fuels your inner fire,
and what feels oh-so-deliciously you.

I believe you’re a spiritual, conscious being – a leader being called to step into your light. You can feel it in your bones, and you can hear it in your heart. But – believe me, I get it – life happens, and today, you can’t help but continually doubt yourself, your worth, and your voice.

Instead of looking outside of yourself for all the answers to your own existence, I know you can experience expansion where it matters the most: within your Self and within your truth.

Because what it really comes down to is inner fulfillment, not outer attainment.

My wish for you is to take your power back, lean into your natural state of being, and become the catalyst for change that only you can be. Whether you have a message that needs to be shared with the world, a burning desire in your heart to be revealed, or a craving in the pit of your stomach that is calling you to embody the vibrant and confident woman within you, I believe you have a magic waiting to be witnessed.

Even though you might have a vision of where you’re headed in your journey – or where you want to head – the hardest part is breaking the unconscious thought patterns that consistently make you think you’re not worthy of sharing the gifts you inherently have with the world. But, darling, you no longer have to hide. We need you.

I’ll hold sacred space, where you can turn off the outside noise,
dive deep within, and hear the secrets your soul craves to share with you.

You will uncover bandaged wounds that lie beneath and become the unwavering, unconditional nurturer to your Self.

You will lovingly cherish your strengths and weaknesses and understand how to harness the potency they both carry.

You will hear the stirrings of your soul and begin to understand how to be the highest expression of your Self.

You will embrace the divine feminine within and stand confidently in your power as a woman.

You will soften into your truth and forge a new way of being – in true alignment with your soul.

You will come to know how to Be Love in your own unique way.

Be ready to step into the conscious leader that you are meant to be in this lifetime.

What’s included when you work with me?

  • Deep dive questionnaire. Insightful questionnaire to identify the biggest vision and most daring dreams for your life. The perfect starting point to your coaching experience!
  • Bi-weekly, 60 minute sessions per month for 3 months (with the option to renew our contract for additional coaching)
  • Weekly check ins. I’ll check in every week to make sure you’re supported in between sessions.
  • Soul work and actionable steps. Throughout the series, you’ll be given soul work that will help guide you along your journey and actions steps to keep you moving forward.
  • Relevant and practical resources. Proven tools to help support your unfolding and transformation.
  • Spiritual guidance. Throughout the series, you’ll receive messages from Spirit through oracle cards. A favorite part of sessions amongst clients!
  • Unlimited email support. Pop me over an email, and you’ve got my undivided attention. Your emails will be responded to within 24 hours. Love and support the whole way through!
  • BONUS: 1, 45 minute session one month after program ends to follow up and see how you’re doing.

Your investment: $500 per month for 3 months or $1450 paid in full

Step into the brilliant woman waiting to be unleashed and witnessed.

Beautiful Words From Past Clients

“Kaye’s coaching style is professional and compassionate.”

She really wants to bring out the best in her clients and she knows how to do it. I felt like she was making the commitment with me to find my inner beauty and that made me feel comfortable enough to open up. I am so grateful that we met. I am a better person because of it! – Marie B.

“I’ve never felt more fulfilled and content in my work and in my life.”

Before working with Kaye, I felt overwhelmed, over-worked, discontent, and unaligned with my business and my life. Kaye provided the guidance and empowerment I needed to look inside of myself and do the much needed soul work of getting clear on my values and living my life from a place of contentment, fulfillment, and empowerment. Kaye’s heart and guidance gave me the space I needed to do this work.

-Lauren Frontiera, The Real Female Entrepreneur


“I am now able to take steps in my business that I feel are aligned and right for me without playing the comparison game that I used to constantly play.”

When I first started my coaching series with Kaye, I was excited and nervous having never really spoken much with Kaye. However, within a few minutes, I had already had a break through, and Kaye instantly made me feel comfortable with her warm, bubbly personality. Like I could say anything, regardless of how silly it may sound. After our sessions, I would always walk away feeling inspired and clear on what it was that I deep-down desired and wanted to achieve.

-Tegan Skinner, Life Coach


“Kaye Namba is a very genuine soul who supported, witnessed and guided me in a loving yet grounded way.”

She brings in the beautiful qualities of the masculine by providing a safe container to feel into challenges with ease, while allowing the conversation to flow organically in a way that felt like I was talking with a good friend. She opened and closed space by bringing in feminine essences through guided meditation and oracle cards, invoking the divine and magical within our sacred time together. In the course of our session I released tension around being visible in my business; gained clarity on how to approach social media platforms with ease; and established concrete steps for my next project. The tool she suggested for addressing my fears of being seen by a larger audience is both potent and practical – which helps me stand in my personal power and is applicable for other fears that may arise. I would definitely recommend Kaye to other soulful women who desire a coach who is straightforward, authentic and down-to-earth, one dedicated to seeing her clients thrive and succeed in their lives and businesses. She has certainly inspired me to take solid actions towards my dreams and I cannot wait to see what unfolds from our time together!

-Kristin Lewis, Wild Woman Visionary

Shall we begin?

Schedule a free Soul Discovery call today to see how I can best support you.

The Soul Discovery call is a no-strings attached, low pressure conversational chat to see if we’re the right coaching match. We’ll jam about life – where you’re at now, where you’re headed, and where you want to head – to make sure my program is aligned with the vision you have for yourself.