Fear Or Intuition? How To Tell The Difference.

August 15, 2016

We all struggle with having to deal with overcoming fears that hold us back from doing what we want to wholeheartedly do or know will make us feel the most alive. The biggest leaps not only come with the greatest rewards, but also come with the heaviest baggage.

Surely, you’ve been there. You get an idea. You map out your plan. You go full speed ahead with your vision and dream. Then your excitement turns into utter fear. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m being naive? What if this big, bold, BEAUTIFUL version of life doesn’t pan out the exact way that I expect it to? What if….? What if….? What if….?

But, babe, ask yourself this, “What if it all DOES work out?!”

Yup, that’s the question we leave out because, out of sheer panic, we easily lose sight of what’s on the other side of fear. Instead, so many decide to give into fear and confuse it with our intuition, which, yes, feels exactly like fear. And, yes, we actually need to listen to because our intuition keeps us safe and is there to guide us in the right direction.

The question then becomes, “How do I know it’s just fear holding me back versus if my intuition is giving me warning signals?”

Next time you’re not sure, try this:

Imagine that. Sit down and imagine how you would feel if you took the leap. Now I’m not only talking about “the leap.” I’m talking about the full shebang-a-bang. For example, if it’s launching a program that was on your heart for a long time. Don’t think about the action of launching and putting it out in the world. Think about what you would feel like if people actually resonated with the work. Think about what you would feel like if you were in the midst of your program, helping others in the way you had intended while dreaming it up. Think about how you would feel like if you were able to continue running the program with great success. THAT feeling. Imagine that. Hold onto that.

Take stock. Notice how your body is actually feeling when you’re imagining yourself doing whatever it is you’re thinking of doing. Are you giddy with excitement when you think about doing the program and inspiring others in that way? Do you feel on top of the world and does your heart skip a beat? Or, perhaps, you’re feeling the opposite – more anxious than ever or not actually wholeheartedly excited about the idea after all.

Differentiate the two. By being fully aware of how you’re feeling in your body about the idea in question, you can easily decipher what’s speaking most clearly to you: fear or intuition. It’s okay if it’s clearly fear. Acknowledge it. Be respectful of it. Then when you’re ready to show fear who’s boss, take a deep breath, and go for it, babe. If you’re feeling icky and hesitant, then “hello intuition.”

Not sure if it’s always that cut and dry? Well, you can be sure of this truth: your body always knows the truth before your mind has time to process information and form thoughts or opinions about something. Your body feels instantaneously, so trust it. Leaps of faith might be scary, but they’re oh-so-worth it when you are wholeheartedly lit up.

Want to get to know your intuition more? For more info on how we can work together, click here.

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