How To Release Relationships That No Longer Serve

September 1, 2016

We are influenced by our closest relationships in many ways, such as in the way we think, act, and even feel about ourselves. We can unknowingly surround ourselves with individuals that don’t necessarily lift us up or make us strive for more. We can become stuck in relationships that actually make us feel less worthy in different aspects of our life. We may end up in a story about ourselves that isn’t truly ours, but, instead, a story built about us by others that we’ve accepted to be true.

And, truth be told, we hang onto these relationships because they’re comfortable. They’re safe and secure. We know what to expect from them. There aren’t too many surprises, and, in general, they’re not all terrible. They’re relationships that sprang from love, but along the way, morphed into another form simply because the relationship has served its purpose. But, often, we don’t recognize how hanging onto these relationships can actually keep us from chasing our truest dreams.

How many times have you caught yourself feeling uncomfortable around certain people that you’ve known for years? How many times did you feel ashamed or embarrassed to share a part of you that has become a part of your essence? How many times have you wanted to reach for the stars on a new dream, but have been held back because of the fear of doing something “out of character” for you?

The saying goes, “Release that which no longer serves you.” But this adage isn’t always so easy to live by when it comes to relationships. And, believe me, there’s nothing worse than trying to cut ties for no seemingly apparent reason on their end. So, be gentle with yourself. Act with love and compassion for both you and others.

How do you release relationships that no longer serve with ease?

Notice how you feel. Sometimes it’s plain as day when you no longer see eye-to-eye with someone. Take note of how you feel when you’re around certain people. Do you feel lifted up in their presence or dragged down? Are you ignited by their energy or are you striving to connect with them? It may be pretty obvious or it may be subtle. Either way, you’ll know if you’re still on the same page by how you feel when you’re interacting and conversing with others.

Know the kind of people you love being around. Envision the kind of people that you’d like to be surrounded by. Beyond likes and dislikes, think about the things that get them up every day or what drives them in their day-to-day. What kind of topics would you like to be able to talk about with them? Maybe you have these people in your life already, but if you know you don’t, then it’s time to get out there and start finding them. Sometimes all it takes is a willingness (and intention) to open yourself up to the possibility of meeting new people everywhere you go. You truly never know where “your people” will be, but trust that they will come when you’re ready for them.

Be yourSelf. Throw out the stories about who you are, how you’re supposed to act, what you “should” or “should not” do if they don’t feel good to you. Do what feels good. Act with love. Let your true Self shine and see how others react. Sometimes others will make it clear that they aren’t on the same page as you. That’s okay, love. Other times, you may be surprised to find they are actually right there with you. It’s a beautiful thing to know who resonates with the true you and who doesn’t.

Prioritize your joy. There is absolutely no reason good enough that can justify you choosing against feeling anything other than joy in your life. So bask in the energy of those that bring you happiness. Seek experiences with others that make you feel most alive. Relationships don’t have to be perfect, but they don’t have to be dreaded. They should enhance your life, not add stress to it.

Are there dreams that you keep locked away and don’t share with others? I love holding space for soulpreneurs to realize their truest desires and find the strength to own them, despite what others may think. I would be honored to be a part of your journey. To see how I can help, click here or email me to connect.



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