Abundance: Wildly Wealthy by Meg O’Sullivan*

If you’rwildly wealthye always stressing out about your financial situation or feeling like you can’t live life the way you want all because of how much money you have, please check this eBook out. Meg will guide you to understand financial abundance in a totally different way, to get rid of your guilt surrounding spending hard earned dinero, and, most importantly, how to attract all forms of abundance with ease. Yup, seriously…!

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Goal Setting: The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte*

desire map bookIt’ll change your perspective on how you create goals and what you set your intentions on. You will find out how to get crystal clear on how you want to feel and use that as your internal compass to making the right decisions for you. We’ve got one shot at this life, so lean into what you truly desire.

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Holistic Health and Beauty: NYR Organic*

neals-yard-remedies-round-logoNYR Organic is not just about health and beauty products. It’s about adopting an overall holistic approach to living your life. The market for more natural cosmetics and skincare is quickly growing, however NYR Organic has been on the forefront of the organic skincare since 1981. It’s an award-winning brand, whose mission is transforming people’s lives and protecting our Mama Earth by utilizing ethical and sustainable practices.

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