Tips To Build Your Business In Synchronicity To Your Life

October 4, 2016

I know how important it is to acknowledge that, in any one time, what’s going on in your life can be in direct contradiction to what your business looks like. For example, you can be going through an ongoing argument with your best friend of 20 years while your business is booming. Or you can be experiencing a business roadblock while your love life is getting hotter by the day.

It’s naive to think, however, that your life and your business aren’t interconnected.

Case in point: We can all agree that how you show up in your life is exactly how you show up in your business.

If you tend to shy away from the spotlight, in general, I’ll put my money down that you’ll have some hesitancy around getting your business truly out in the world for fear of being seen. If you’re used to passing your achievements as nothing more than “just something else I’ve done – what’s next?” then I have a feeling you’re going to be way too hard on yourself and turn a blind eye to all the progress you’re making in your business. And, lastly, if you’re uncomfortable with asking for things you want and need, I know for a fact you’re going to have a problem pitching yourself to others for opportunities.

But that’s only about the limiting beliefs that are a through line in your life, right? What about everything else? Are they interconnected? Absolutely yes! When you run your own business, it becomes an extension of you – another facet to your life, another part to the whole, another component to your everyday.

So, while you may feel down about something in your life, but good about your business, truth is, one will eventually seep into the other. If you’re craving more time to put energy in your business, you’ll eventually look at the things in your life that you’d rather not be doing. At the same token, if you’re wanting a break from the hustle, you’ll be looking at all the things in your life you’d rather be spending more time on. It’s a constant integration process of figuring out ways to – not balance it all but – have it all coexist in synchronicity.

What are some ways to do this?

Do what fills your heart. You’ll very quickly find out how much time needs to be spent on building your business. What you’ll also find is how much energy you’ll want to spend on nurturing your passion-filled venture. The most challenging part of building a business is having enough energy to give to it. So when you aren’t explicitly working on it, make sure that whatever else fills your life doesn’t drain your energy. If you’re spending your days doing what consistently fills you up, that overflow becomes a beautiful force that will help fuel your creativity.

Listen to your intuition. When it comes to both your life and business, your intuition should play a big role. Your business requires risks and leaps of faith, and taking them calls for some tuning into your soul’s voice. In addition, your life decisions will effect your business and how you show up in it. So your intuition needs to be given a voice. It’s ultimately the navigator in the car that holds the roadmap. Being able to tune in and then taking intuitive actions is where you’ll find your power and strength through the up’s and down’s of business building.

Make space for spiritual growth. So much of building a business is pushing your personal boundaries, expanding past your limits, and releasing the old stories that hold you back. None of which can be accomplished without a trust and a faith that only spiritual growth can afford. So while there are the in’s and out’s of business to navigate through, there’s also inner work that needs to be done to cultivate the self love, self confidence, and self worth needed. Spiritual growth aides in this cultivation.

Building and running a business is a beautiful – and long – journey. One that requires you to consistently make adjustments in your life. Finding what works for you is key, so don’t be afraid to explore, try new ways of living life, and enjoy it along the way.

Looking for guidance in creating a business that works with your life? To learn more about how I can support you on your journey, click here. I’d love to work with you!

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