What is your life purpose?

January 26, 2017

Everyone, at one point in his or her life, ponders upon the age-old question: What is my purpose in life? Or perhaps, it’s asked in a different way, such as, “What do I want to do with my life?” Humans have a tendency to want all the answers, to know they’re on the right path, and to understand the point of their existence beyond scientific explanation.

But what if the answer was simple? What if our purpose can be answered in two words? What if we all, as a collective, had a simple role to play that we didn’t need to figure out – instead we already had the tools we needed since our day of birth?

Eden Ahbez, poet, musician, and songwriter, once wrote, “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

Our whole lives are predicated under the need to be loved. As an infant, helpless and defenseless, we rely on the love of our caretakers. As teenagers, we seek the acceptance of peers, but, more importantly, the love of friendship. As adults, our well being in society rests on love found in our most intimate relationships, in the communities we associate with, and in our every day interactions with others.

Is it not fair enough to say, then, that we all share a common purpose in this life to embody the very essence that we all need in order to thrive?

Our purpose is simple: BE LOVE.

Think for a moment of the most influential person in your life. It may be your parent, friend, or partner; maybe your pastor, mentor, or teacher. Then think about why you feel they have been such an inspiration. No question, the conclusion you’ll come to is because they have given you strength in some way or another, have shown you respect when you weren’t expecting it, undoubtedly, displayed a kind of love that shook you to your core and made you believe in yourself.

And, so, I offer you this. It doesn’t matter what you feel is your calling. What matters is how you choose to embody, radiate, and share love. Each of us has gifts that we’ve been born with and talents we’ve picked up along the way. We are all unique, and so, to extend our purpose of being love, turn your sights to share your strengths. Offer up ways to love others generously, authentically, and in a way that fills your heart.

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