Why I Chose To Unsubscribe, Unfollow, and Leave

November 15, 2016

It’s no secret that light workers of all kind have woken up or are waking up to the soul call to rise and shine. You can see it in the countless realignments taking place in so many individuals – career changes, physical relocations, spiritual enlightenments, coupled with general unhappiness in current situations, feelings of wanting to break free from the norm, and an overall unleashing of hidden creative talent from around the world. All to stride towards positive changes, make social impacts, and spread the kind of healing that is so needed.

The world is coming together for this beautiful movement towards a new way of living, one that calls for collaboration, respect, and love. That’s not to dismiss the horror that is going on around the world – civil unrest, religious wars, political power plays, resource battles, terrorism, environmental devastations, and the list goes on. To every light, there is a shadow. But more people are choosing, at this time, to shine. Whether they consciously know it or not, more are deciding to share their gifts in the most beautiful ways possible.

That said, inspiration is contagious. Light is contagious. Of course, it is! Those of us on this awakened path are finding solace in the light of others. We feel most comfortable when we find like-minded individuals, and that isn’t by mistake. Because as one candle gets lit, we help others start their own fires. The power of this ripple effect is palpable. But, in the midst of basking in each other’s light, individual fires can just as easily start to wane.

What is seen so often is the tendency to compare ourselves to others that are seemingly on the same path or the path we think we should be on. We become so hung up on where we aren’t when we look at where someone else is. We easily fall into self doubt when someone’s light is shining so brightly. We become paralyzed by the thought that our light isn’t as beautiful – not pretty enough, outspoken enough, composed enough, talented enough, smart enough, good enough.

But, even when we find ways to push past through limiting beliefs and work through our issues, the propensity to look around at what others are doing is oh-so-easy to do that we forget what our own lights look like. There’s nothing wrong with loving on those that inspire us, but we need to continue to look for ways to come back to ourSelves.

That’s why I’ve unsubscribed from beautifully talented and inspirational individuals even though I absolutely admire their work in the world.

That’s why I’ve unfollowed some of the most influential people in the coaching world even though I’m in awe of their tenacity, strength, and courage.

That’s why I’ve left some of the most internationally popular and thriving Facebook groups even though I find solace in seeing that others may be experiencing the same roadblocks as I am.

Instead of scrolling through my Instagram feed right when I open the app, I take some time to give mySelf a chance to speak and feel into whatever message wants to be shared on any given day.

Instead of looking for solutions that others have found on their journey, I’ve committed to personal self development and doing the internal work that is needed – nurturing the mind, body, and soul alike.

Instead of spending energy on climbing out of comparisonitis, I spend energy on encouraging and motivating those that might be stuck in their own self doubt.

We all have a choice. A choice to shine in our own brilliance or blend in the background. I believe in individuality and the gifts that every single person is here to showcase. I know that nobody is meant to be in the shadows of another. But I also know how frightening the spotlight can feel. I know that no two paths are supposed to look and feel the same. But I also know how terrifying it is to hike a path that isn’t cleared out (oddly enough, figuratively and literally).

Be inspired. Get motivated. Love on others. But remember your truth. Remember your own personal brilliance.

Could you use some space to stop all the noise, to remember your own light, to come back to yourSelf? I would be honored to hold that space for you to do so. See how I can support you here.

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